“Marc & company are great folks, providing excellent info to radio in a professional manner that leads programmers to want to reciprocate in a professional manner.”

Lynn Barstow/Program Director/KROX-FM 101X, Austin

“UNCLE has always been a great content provider to us here at Music Choice, and they’ve brought some great artists and bands to my attention in recent years. They’ve got a solid team over there, and are always super helpful whenever I need them.”

Mike Popadines/Senior Programmer/Music Choice

“UNCLE has been an invaluable resource for me throughout the years. They’re incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the music industry and have been a champion of independent artists time and time again. UNCLE has a stellar track record. Any music that comes across my desk from Marc will surely get first listen.” 

Marc ``Mookie`` Kaczor/Program Director/KCSN Los Angeles/Host Unsigned Sunday

“Uncle???  When I hear that word I think of an old drunk balding man who is hitting on my wife at the thanksgiving table. It should be beloved grandmammie cause I feel coddled, taken care of and confident that there’s always going to be warm, delicious food on the table!”

Jeff Morad PD/OM WEQX

“The Man from U.N.C.L.E Marc /001 Have to be the two finest professionals for the Alternative Music World! They are extremely hard working and well crafted in there knowledge. I have used The Men from U.N.C.L.E. If you are looking for the “BEST” from Specialty shows to a Full Blown project. This is who you hire!”

Jack Ashton/Ashton Consulting

“I’m really good at tuning out BS and alphabet soup.  I hate it when Marc makes sense… I have to actually listen. Damnnit.”

Nerf / PD KTCL


Buddy Deal / Hollywood Records

“UNCLE has been very helpful over the years with new music that comes home in the long run. Plus, they are secret agents, so I can’t hide anything from them.”

Jason Squires, director of programming/KFRR/New Rock 104.1

“Long before I was put on the Sub Modern Panel, I was already well into a fantastic relationship with Dave and the crew at UNCLE.  Many of their artists are staples of my show The Fringe on WAQX in Syracuse and they are always there with new suggestions and some great under the radar talent. 11/10 would definitely recommend!”


“Credibility and no B.S. are key. Marc and the Uncle team give us exactly that. They’re also engaged with their artists and results-driven. A rare combination.” 

Mike Kaplan/ PD WRFF Philly

“I LOVE working with the UNCLE gang! The KKBB charts are infinitely helpful when scheduling my show  and the new jams I get from UNCLE are always top notch! Those things rule, but the best part of working with UNCLE is getting to talk to my longtime radio buddies Marc and Dead Air Dave!!!”

Tom Butler/MD/cd1025.com

“Where indie promo houses can inherently be annoying, U.N.C.L.E. approaches their work (and me) with humor, respect and most importantly a strong musical point of view i.e.: they don’t try to push me to play crap, or something that doesn’t fit into what I do (that they ALSO have taken the time to understand). The only thing that confuses me is that, if they are secret agents, how come I know so much about them?”

Dennis ``The Menace`` Scheyer, Host Creative/Director, PopCult, KBUU

“The guys from U.N.C.L.E. get to people, period.  I get information from them as soon as they get it from radio.”

Scott Burton/VP at The Orchard

“Uncle is a unique promotion company. Not only do they have integrity, but you also get fine albums with impeccable taste. Marc is a rare breed in showbiz — he has just the right amount of show and just enough biz.”

Robert John/Megaforce (MRI)

“I like to work with Marc Kordelos and Team U.N.C.L.E. almost exclusively when it comes to new music and specialty show music. U.N.C.L.E. knows what KMRJ is looking for without me having to explain it to them every week and they know what I am looking for and therefore presents music that makes sense to what we are doing. I’ve been working with Marc for at least a decade, and will continue to work with him for the next decade, I’m sure.”

Nic Harcourt/KCSN

“Artists and projects are respected, cared for & thoughtfully represented in the hands of UNCLE.  They’re the definition of good people and I’ve enjoyed working with Marc, Dave & Co. for almost 15 years.”

Amber Miller / MD WRFF Philly